Welcome to EMW Baseball & Softball

The Board of Directors, Baseball Division, E.M.W. Sports, Inc. would like to state that the main purpose of this organization is to provide the opportunity for boys and girls to play, learn and enjoy baseball and softball in an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and fair play. It is essential that all of us conduct ourselves in a manner that will encourage this ideal.

Many hours of time are spent by volunteers to help make this program a success. It is our desire to create a community project in which parents may participate with their children in the baseball and softball programs. Coaches, umpires and workers are always needed and your assistance is most welcome.

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Field Dedications – June 18, 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out to remember
and dedicate 3 fields at Creek Road Park to people who will
forever be playing baseball and softball in our hearts …

Ron Reid — Longtime EMW Board Member and Commissioner

Rick Reed — Longtime EMW Board Member and Commissioner

Katie Durkin — Minor girls softball player

Sponsors Needed

For more information on becoming an EMW Sponsor please contact:

Deanna Messinger at DeannaMessinger@emwbaseball.org

Heather Sinibaldi at HeatherSinibaldi@emwbaseball.org

Board Members Needed

We are in need of new board members for next season. Please contact us if you are interested in joining. Your help is essential in providing a fun learning environment for our kids and helping this program and these kids succeed! 

Contact us at  info@emwbaseball.org