Tribe Travel Baseball

EMW Tribe Travel Baseball

 EMW Tribe Travel Baseball Teams try-outs for the 2018 season have been held. Please contact the coach if you have questions or missed tryouts.

13U BASEBALL (cannot turn 14 before 5/1/18) 
Coach Bruce Axelson  •  axelsonbj@aol.com

12U BASEBALL  (cannot turn 13 before 5/1/18)  
Coach Paul Czaja  •  emwbaseball@yahoo.com  •  call/text: 560-2240
Tryouts:  Wednesday, August 2nd and Wednesday, August 9th at 6:00 pm (cannot turn 13 before 5/1/18)  

11U BASEBALL  (cannot turn 12 before 5/1/18)
Coach Jason McTigue  •  vette9273@yahoo.com •  call/text: 432-6289
Looking for players, please contact Coach Jason (at email or phone above) for private tryouts 

10U BASEBALL   (cannot turn 11 before 5/1/18)  
Coach Mark Cichowski  •  cichowski.mark@gene.com  •  call/text: 425-8785 

9U BASEBALL   (cannot turn 10 before 5/1/18) 
Coach Mark Klocke  •  klocke.mark@yahoo.com  •  call: 912-4006

8U BASEBALL  (cannot turn 9 before 5/1/18)
Coach Jon Bednasz  •  jbednasz@yahoo.com •  call/text: 430-6088
Tryouts will be scheduled for the end of May - Contact Coach Jon if interested

*Travel Baseball teams are determined by your age as of May 1, 2018.