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Nov, 2021

Few Board Positions needed in order to launch 2022 registration !

Dear EMW Baseball & Softball Community,

The EMW Baseball & Softball programs had record numbers of players and coaches participate this past year. It was an exciting 2021 season getting back to playing ball and re-engaging with our community. This was accomplished with a smaller than normal board, many of whom were newer to the board or new to positions. Additionally, this year more board member’s children aged out, leaving the need for new volunteers even greater for the upcoming season.

As we prepare for the 2022 season, we are calling upon all parents of baseball and softball players to consider volunteering as a board member. It’s the parents of our younger players who join the board for a few years that contribute to the organization’s continued success. Volunteers at the board level have attributed to the league thriving for many years and with your help will ensure it thrives for many more years to come.

If we DO NOT fill all of our board positions, we will unfortunately not be able to launch our registration for the 2022 season.

The following positions are open and need your help to fill them:

Vice President (Director of Softball)
 - Do you and your daughter have a passion for softball? Help grow the league, recruit coaches, and plan the season.
Treasurer & Insurance
 - Do you have strong accounting skills? Help track finances, share monthly reports, and prepare audits.

Grounds Coordinator
 - Are you interested in coordinating field maintenance and planning for long term improvements?

Snack Stand Chief
-Are you organized? Or do you like working with people and MS/HS volunteers? Or are you good with or have a background in food service? 

Fundraiser & Sponsorship Coordinator
-Are you organized? Or do you like planning events? Or are you good at fundraising? 

The commitment is monthly meetings. Each board position requires some follow up on your own time in between these meetings. Our goal is to build a full board of collaborative parents working together for a successful 2022 season and a mindset for the future of EMW. Our current board members will assist and support our new members. Your help is needed more than ever!!!

Please join us to learn more and or volunteer this Tuesday, November 30th at 7:30pm for our Annual Board Member approval meeting:

If you have questions and interest at any time please contact us at [email protected]  

EMW Baseball & Softball Board

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