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Jul, 2020

Return To Play EMW COVID Rules

Your signature is required prior to joining us the summer. Please help us keep our players and community safe. 

Welcome back, we are excited to get back on the fields! Below are the rules and modifications for play amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Every effort will be made to adhere to these guidelines and they are subject to change based on county and state updates. For the most up to date official guidance, please visit
2020 EMW Guidelines and Rule Modifications:
1. All spectators, players, coaches and umpires must attempt to maintain proper social distancing (6 feet apart).
2. Do not come to the park if:
A. You have an underlying medical condition that makes you “high risk”.
B. If you or member of your household have traveled to any hot spots/quarantined states in the last 14 days.
C. If you are sick.
D. Anyone in your household is sick or had contact with someone that is sick.
3. Minimize the number of family members and fans entering the parks. Parents with players in our Summer Sizzle Program are encouraged to drop players off to keep crowds from forming.
4. Spectators should bring their own chairs and maintain good social distancing with all non-family members. Please do not sit behind the back stop.
5. All players, coaches and spectators must follow rules/guidelines at all times. Failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the park.
6. Spectators, players, coaches, and umpires should have a supply of antibacterial wipes/sanitizer for personal use throughout the game. Coaches and volunteers will be provided hand sanitizer.
7. Coach should reinforce the importance of social distancing during play. Masks should be worn if social distancing is not possible.
8. PPEs: Any umpire, staff member, parent or player who chooses to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, glasses, or gloves can do so any time, at any position (including pitcher).
9. Teams must clean up all trash at the conclusion of the game. No Player/Coaches/Spectators may congregate around a field until it is completely clear of players from previous game.
10. Players must use their own personal water bottles and equipment including bats, helmets and gloves. If you need equipment, EMW will provide this as a free rental for the season (limited supplies available).
11. NO shared food is allowed between team members. No sunflower seeds or spitting is allowed. The concession stand will NOT be open this season but drinks will be available for sale during Summer Sizzle Sessions at check in desks. First
Aid kits will be kept here as well.
12. Dugouts/bleachers will be used with social distancing. During game play, players not on the field will sit with their families until they are on deck. On deck is the next three player. One standing and two on bench.
13. Bathrooms will be open but these are cleaned and maintained by the town. Please use at your own risk. Limit the number of people in the restroom to two or less and remain outside the building while waiting.
14. Players on Senior Boys or Field of Dreams should park on the far side, nearest the Conservation Club, to avoid overcrowding the main entrance.
There is an inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By participating in any of our community activities you are acknowledging and accepting this risk. Every effort will be made to follow
local and state guidelines, however, children may prove difficult to social distance. Players, families and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree to follow the rules listed above.
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