EMW Little League
Board of Directors | 
2022 Season 

The EMW LL Board would like to thank the towns of Elma, Marilla & Wales for their continued support of our organization. 


President (Director of Baseball):
Jeff Mochrie

Vice President (Director of Softball):
Alicia Ruiz

Secretary & Travel Coordinator:
Carrie Vetter

Treasurer & Insurance:
Kelly Beckwith
Jenna Weaver
Jessica Gents


Heather Jacobs

Marketing & PR Coordinator:
Kristen and Bill Lynch

Fundraiser & Sponsorship Coordinator:
Frank Corigliano Jr.

Snack Stand Chief:
Carrie Donovan

Dream League Director:
Mari Garry

Farm League Director:
Frank Nycz

Coaching & Player Coordinator (w/committee):
Justin Driggs

Umpire in Chief:
Teri Wolf

Equipment & Jersey Coordinator:
Mike Larson

Safety Coordinator: 
Lynn Radka

Grounds Coordinator:
Don Cook

Parent and community assistance are critical to the success and growth of our program. We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please  email if you see an opportunity you could assist with. 

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