Field Reservation Policy

EMW Little League coaches can reserve practice times at the Creek Road fields. Head coaches
can reserve fields for practice via our website. Instructions can be downloaded here.

Field reservations can be made by team for practices based on availability. All of our fields are
available at various dates and times and around our game schedule. Field conditions may also
determine availability, current conditions are listed at:

We request that only one field per week be reserved per team to ensure each team gets time on
a field. Please limit practice 60-90 minutes at either 5-6:30pm or 6:30-8pm.

Teams may have additional practices, but should not reserve a field via the website.
When make-up games are scheduled, they will take priority over practices. Teams who have a
practice reservation cancelled due to a make up game will be notified.

EMW Travel baseball teams have scheduling priority on Wednesday, Saturday after 2:30pm
and Sundays. Impact Softball has scheduling priority on Thursday, Saturday’s after 2:30pm and
Sundays. Although Travel teams have priority on the diamonds, they potentially could be
available as the travel teams may be at other locations.

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