2019 Extra Innings Program (EIP)

Below is an outline for the EMW Baseball Extra Innings Program (EIP). This will describe the program and how it will develop our young players. As the program title states, this program will provide additional opportunities (or Extra Innings) to develop our youngest players in the program.  

EIP Goals

1. Provide additional fun baseball learning opportunities
2. Improve basic baseball skills and knowledge
4. Provide an opportunity to play games and scrimmages
5. Make existing EMW kids better baseball players

EIP Registration

Registration will occur in May of the current season. The EIP will be available to players who are registered for EMW house ball. We will offer EIP teams based on the age groups coaches volunteer to develop.

For the 2019 EIP we are looking to form teams at the 7u and 8u teams.

Teams will be limited based on the number teams we have coaches for. If there is interest and enough coaches, multiple teams can be formed at each age level.

We will cap the number of EIP players to 30 for the 2019 season.

EIP Team Selection

The EIP will be primarily centered around players who don’t have the opportunity to play travel baseabll and secondly focus on kids who want to develop their skills.  After a skills clinic, each player will be assigned to an appropriate team based on their age and skill set.

As the practice/scrimmage/tournament and family schedules are forever changing, players may be asked to play on different teams to fill in for missing players.

EIP Players per Team

Each team will consist of 10-12 players. These numbers may be adjusted based on registration numbers.

EIP Parental Involvement

For this program to be successful, we need parents to volunteer and get involved with the practices and scrimmages. Coaches should expect 75% or more of the parents to participate in the practices. 

EIP Dates

The EIP program runs May through August and will not conflict with the EMW house schedule. Practice dates and times will be based on field availability. Generally speaking, EIP teams would meet on a combination of Wednesdays, Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

EIP Cost

For the 2019 EIP season, we have set the cost of registration at $75. This will include a EMW hat and uniform. This money will offset the cost of equipment, training tools, umpires, etc. Coaches may ask for additional monies if opportunities for additional play are available and appropriate.

Please Note - EMW does not make money on the EIP program.  

During tournaments the kids will be playing against all-star teams and travel teams. The tournaments are designed to give the kids some exposure to competitive baseball.

EIP Sample Schedule

Below is sample schedule to give you an idea of what each EIP team’s schedule might look like. The EIP program would hold a number of Program wide clinic/skill development practices. In addition, a potential schedule for each EIP team might look something like:

7u Team - 3 team practices, 1 home scrimmage, 1 away scrimmage (under the lights), 3 clinics sessions by a college coach and a parents vs kids game.

8u Team - 4 team practices, 3 scrimmages vs external teams, 3 game round robin tournament.

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